The reflections listed here are transcripts of the Reflection presented by our minister or guest preachers. They are provided for those who may not have been present at the time, or for those who would like to review and reflect further on the words spoken during worship.


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Reflection: March 31 – Lent 4

         When I was a teenager in Nanaimo, we lived in the church manse with a lovely view looking east over Departure Bay; on a clear day, we could see the high-rises of downtown Vancouver. Our neighbours were a retired couple who loved to garden and were very friendly. The elderly gentleman of the couple next read on

Reflection: March 24

         There are some age-old universal questions that get asked in every generation.  Some are existential questions about our identity and beingness. Some are questions about our background and our kin—where do we belong?  And some are questions about tragedy.  Why did this have to happen to this group of people or this person?          Throughout read on

Reflection: March 17

         We haven’t conducted a baptism in some time; it’s been a couple of years, in fact.  Baptisms are lovely; they give a focus on hope as we watch a little one move through the ritual of baptism. And because baptism is one of two sacraments celebrated in the United Church, it is special.  A read on

Reflection: March 10

         Today’s focus—RESISTANCE—comes from the online community called Many Voices; it is a Black Church Movement for Gay and Transgender Justice.  As they say on the website, “Black gay and transgender people are too often case studies in discrimination, shame, hardship, insecurity and isolation.”[1]  They offered a candle-lighting litany for Lent that we’ve adapted it read on

Reflection: March 3

         I remember when I was 19 or so, I worked 2 summers for BC Ferries at the Nanaimo terminal.  I worked shifts and so had varied starting times; my earliest start was 4:30 am and my latest end was 11 pm.  Even in my teens, I was a poor sleeper.  It was a change read on

Reflection: February 24

         I just finished the novel, A House without Windows, by Nadia Hashimi.  It is about how women were, and in many places still are (in spite of many trailblazing Afghani women), treated horribly by the legal system and the patriarchal culture of Afghanistan.  The novel is about one woman who is accused of read on

Reflection: February 17

         It has to be said that the Scripture readings for today are quite challenging in some ways.  For those that don’t know, we use the same readings as other mainline churches, what we call the lectionary.  It is a 3-year cycle of Bible readings for worship and in these other churches, preachers are dealing read on

Reflection: February 10

My call to the ministry was neither dramatic nor spectacular. It came neither by some miraculous vision nor by some blinding light experience on the road of life.  Moreover, it did not come as a sudden realization.  Rather, it was a response to an inner urge that gradually came upon me. This urge expressed itself read on

Reflection: February 3

Scripture: Luke 4:21-30        (By Robin Murray, with pieces from Carol Prochaska’s intended sermon for the day.) Wait, what was that… that Peter just read to us? The people in his hometown tried to throw Jesus off a cliff? Yep, it’s true. Those hometown folks were, as one translation says, “filled with rage”.  The Greek read on

Reflection: January 27

Scripture: Luke 4:14-21 Sermon Title: Tomorrow Has Begun Today Rev. Carol Prochaska   We human beings have a deep hunger for good news words.  With all life’s challenges we need words chosen and arranged in such a way that we may be comforted, encouraged, or enlightened – and in some way transformed.  Words can be read on