The reflections listed here are transcripts of the Reflection presented by our minister or guest preachers. They are provided for those who may not have been present at the time, or for those who would like to review and reflect further on the words spoken during worship.

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Reflection: April 23

         One of the phrases that occurs over and over in the bible in different guises is “Fear not!”          A superficial reading of the Bible gives 365 renderings of “Fear not!”—one for each day of the year. Last week we heard it again in Matthew’s account of the read on

Reflection: April 2— Believe. Believe Again – and Again!

Scriptures: Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 11:1-45           Once again this morning’s gospel reading is long and many layered and raises many questions. Biblical scholars tell us that the raising of Lazarus is “a sign story.” Therefore the primary function of this story, this event, is to reveal God. We heard Jesus explain read on

Reflection: March 26

We continue to read from John’s Gospel and another long and full story about seeing. This is a more direct story about seeing. John raises for us several questions: How do we see the world around us? How do we see each other? How do we see the long arc of justice? Or healing? Or read on

Reflection: March 19

         The challenge of preaching, when you’ve been through the lectionary cycle many times, is how to come up with something fresh. That’s the case with this long passage from John’s Gospel, the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. So, I read it over a few times and realized that there is a read on

Reflection: March 12 – Lent 2

         Last fall, a Learning in Retirement series focused on the faith traditions of the world. I was privileged to be asked to present on behalf of Christianity. Serendipitously, a couple of weeks before the presentation, I had a conversation with a colleague about the understanding of Church in Canadian society. My conversation partner and read on

Reflection: March 5 — Lent 1

Did you know that the Bible is full of references to the desert? It makes sense, really, as the Biblical story is set in a dry place. Most spiritual traditions can’t help but include the geography of the landscape of the place of origin. Much of the Middle East is desert and a good part read on

Reflection: February 26 “Gratitude — God’s Gift of Transfiguration”

         When it comes to writing my sermon, my pattern is that usually, I look through a number of commentaries about the Scripture lesson from which I will preach. I look through both online commentaries and books that I have on my shelf. The range of titles that I found online this week about the read on

Reflection: February 19

         As some of you know, I’m a chronically poor sleeper. There’s a large group of us in this congregation as I’ve learned. Either we can’t get to sleep or we wake up multiple times. We can’t shut off our brains and just let sleep envelope us in its comforting cocoon of regeneration. I’ve tried read on

Reflection: February 12

         Janet and I have Telus Satellite TV and every now and then we get promos channels for a few weeks or a couple of months. One channel that we have been receiving recently is the BBC Earth channel in high definition. It has been lovely to watch so many programs from BBC about our read on

Reflection: February 5

Scripture: Matthew 5:1&2, 13-20 Title: Communion of Stars Among our adult children John and I have a daughter who will most likely be the first to ask: “What’s the plan?” In response to blank looks she will begin to make a plan and quite possibly a back-up one. Once the plan is in place there read on