The reflections listed here are transcripts of the Reflection presented by our minister or guest preachers. They are provided for those who may not have been present at the time, or for those who would like to review and reflect further on the words spoken during worship.


An archive of previous sermons can be accessed on the “Past Sermons” page.



Reflection: November 25

Stewardship Sermon: Consecration Sunday          As we centre on stewardship today at the end of our stewardship campaign, I want to focus on gratitude.          Firstly, I want to say thank you, and express my gratitude both personally and on behalf of the Board, for your rich contributions to the life of our church family.  read on

Reflection: November 18

Scripture: Mark 13:1–8          The first sermon I ever preached was on this very text from Mark.  It was probably 1986 and I was at my home church in Nanaimo, BC—Brechin United Church.  I’ve long since forgotten what I said; it was likely earnest and, I’m sure, deeply profound—not!  All I remember of read on

Reflection: November 11, 2018

         I read a story recently about a massage therapist in Gainesville, Florida; his name is Dar Mikula and he’s part of the Florida School of Massage. The story was part of a book published by The United Church of Christ called Rise Up! Spirituality for Resistance; the story was also included in the daily read on

Reflection: November 4

         As Jasmine so eloquently outlined last Sunday during her prayers of the people, we are now in the season of winter according to the Celtic seasonal calendar.  All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as we now call it, marks that change from one season to the next, from fall ending the cycle read on

Reflection: October 28

         We all probably remember the joke where the caterpillar says to the butterfly, “Who me?  Change?  Are you kidding?”  I know it’s a cliché, but change is constantly happening around us, within us and to us. It’s the rate of change that I believe is what produces the consternation that we face in our lives read on

Reflection: October 14

         I was going to preach on Psalm 22 this morning, but no matter how hard I tried, no inspiration came. (Maybe that says a bit that the psalm strikes close to home with my own struggles of depression.) So, I want to set aside the painful depiction of one who has suffered tremendously in read on

Reflection: October 7 – Thanksgiving

         There is a revolution going on in the world today.  Powers-that-be need to beware!  Leaders need to be afraid.  Citizens need to be alert!          It is a revolution of gratitude and kindness.  And it’s us!          We heard from one of the leaders of this revolution of gratitude and kindness earlier in the read on

Reflection: September 30

Scripture: Mark 9:38–50          Among the many questions that I’m asked, a frequent one is about how to keep hope alive in the midst of so many troubling experiences, challenges and world events.  I know that among activists dedicated to curbing climate change, despair and cynicism has become very real; but we all face many personal read on

Reflection: September 23

         I’m sometimes asked how we choose Scripture readings for Sunday morning.  Some of you may know that we follow a 3-year cycle that was decided by denominations from around the world some time ago.  Later it was revised and is now known as the Revised Common Lectionary, the word having to do with reading.  read on

Reflection: September 16

One of the sayings I learned as a young lad was “Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”  I learned it from my mom as well as at school.  A more biblical saying might be the one about taking the mote out of our eyes and then only will you be able to see the read on