Spring Presbytery Report

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Kootenay Presbytery Report


“A Mission is a song that is in your heart.”

The Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge at Trail United Church hosted Kootenay Presbytery Spring Gathering March 31st to April 2nd. Attending from NUC were David Boyd, Nancy Jones, Leah Gray, Jody Dudley, and Robin Murray. Linn and Eirin Murray attended as Youth Reps.

Friday evening’s discussion was lead by Doug Goodwin, Executive Secretary of BC Conference. With the theme of “Discerning God’s Mission,” we focused on the future of the church and the changes proposed by General Council. The following questions were answered in small groups:

  • What stories in the bible help you to see the place of the church in our community and in the world? In other words, what scriptures shape the way you see the future or shape our view or understanding of change?
  • As we move into the future what gifts and strengths exist now that we can take forward?
  • What fears or anxiety do we have about the possible changes?

On Saturday morning we continued to discern God’s mission. Doug reassured us that there is still some flexibility in determining the changes. We can help shape the way we want to be. The principles of going forward will require connection, supporting and challenging one another and holding everyone accountable. The discussions centered around connecting, mission and role of Presbytery.

We were then reminded of the motions (Remits 1, 3 and 4) and the background information that determined these remits.

Remit 1 reduces the structure of the church from 4 courts to 3.


General Council



Pastoral Charges/Congregations


Denominational Councils

Regional Councils

Communities of Faith/Clusters


Kootenay Presbytery voted in favour of Remit 1.

Remit 3 involves the Office of Vocation structure and support, ordination, education, etc. of ministers.
Kootenay Presbytery voted in favour of Remit 3.

Remit 4 is a new funding model.


General Council is funded by the M & S Fund

Conferences supports General Council

Presbyteries support BC Conference

Congregations support Presbyteries




Com. of Faith would fund Denominational Council.

Denominational Council would fund Regional Councils

Each Pastoral Charge assessed the required amount                                                                                  

Kootenay Presbytery voted against Remit 4.


The Business meeting began on Saturday afternoon with reports from:

Justice and Peace
Pastoral Relations
Support to Congregations
Outdoor Ministry and Youth
Finances and Budget
Nominating Team
Conference minister
Spiritual Care

All reports can be found on the Kootenay Presbytery website.

The report receiving the most discussion was one from Justice and Peace Team. The Provincial Election was a topic and it was requested that people formulate questions to ask the politicians running for office; the Sinxt decision was celebrated, however, it is likely to be appealed; a Supreme Court of Canada appeal decision on Jumbo Pass is expected in June. There may be a Social Justice gathering in June in order to support members in both the East and West Kootenays. For the first time, KP charged a carbon tax on vehicles driven to the Presbytery meetings; this will now apply for all Presbytery travel. David distributed “Give it Up for the Earth” pledge forms.

The Outdoor Ministry and Youth Team reported on a contentious report from the Rock Lake Camp Board; the Planning and Visioning Team that review this report gave background context; a motion was passed that PVT and the Board resolve the differences and address the split that has occurred between the RLC Board and Presbytery.

St. Columba United Church, Boundary Pastoral Charge, in Greenwood, was given consent to list their building and property for sale.

The balance of the KP financial account to date is $31,770.95.

BC Conference AGM will be May 25-27 at UBC. All Presbytery reps are encouraged to attend.

Sunday morning worship included the covenanting of Carolyn Rogers, Conference minister. She lives in Invermere and is an active member of Windermere Valley Shared Ministry.

Please check out the KP website for updated information. (http://kootenayunited.ca/presbytery/)

Respectfully submitted,

   Nancy Jones and Leah Gray
      NUC Presbytery Reps




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