We don’t have enough space to list all the wonderful people
who support the life of Nelson United and make up our congregation.
Here are a few whom we hope you will meet:



Lois Berg
Our Church Administrator

Lois has always enjoyed being a part of Nelson United Church and has taught Sunday school, helped out in the office, participates in the UCW group, Caritas, and was one of the leaders for our Youth Group, as well as keeping the office organized!

As Administrator, Lois takes on the additional duties of Volunteer Management. In this role Lois will “assist people to recognize their spirit-given gifts and encourage volunteer participation” as well as managing the volunteers of our congregation, including assisting with recruitment, training, supervision and recognition. Lois looks forward to talking to you about how you might like to join a ministry team, complete a short term project or take on a regular commitment to meet a need within our church!


The Reverend David Boyd
B.Sc. M.Div.


In the beginning there was Gwen and there was Harold. Gwen and Harold spoke and there was Heather and there was David and there was Susan and there was Scott, and they saw that it was good. From Plumas (Manitoba) to Hazelton (BC) to Kenora (Ontario) to Nanaimo (BC), so the Boyds were fruitful and multiplied.

In the fullness of time, David did leave home (Nanaimo) and, blessed by Gwen and Harold, encounter his future. And so it came to pass that, in the course of learning, David met Janet and they began a new life together; and behold it was good. Upon studying and graduating first at UBC and then at Vancouver School of Theology, Janet spoke and David spoke and there was Megan and there was Hamish and there was Iain and there was Alanna. From Vancouver to Matheson (Ontario)—St. Andrew’s United Church—to Nelson—Nelson United Church—so a new generation of Boyds was fruitful and multiplied.

And it came to pass that David didst discover a passion for music, for hiking, for biking, for Cross—country skiing, for reading and for camping. And so it was and so it is and so it shall be. Amen.

johnJohn Pengelly
Minister of Music

On the subject of teaching: In the many years that I have been teaching I have been privileged to nurture the musical aspirations of between 20 & 35 students each year. I have taught in many different settings ranging from a community house recreational program to private lessons in my own studio. When I replaced a teacher on extended leave at St. Michael’s Choir School for 5 months in 1987 I had the gratifying experience of giving

back to the school which had given me so much. My teaching style is calm, quiet and open to using whatever music moves the student’s soul.

On the subject of being a church musician; In 1990 I took on the dual post of Choir Director/Organist at what was then St. Paul’s-Trinity United Church. I enjoyed leading the Senior Choir as well as the chance to play the Church’s truly fine instrument, a Keates Pipe Organ, until 1994. My first son was born in that year so I took a break to spend more time with my family and returned to the newly created Nelson United Church in 1996. In my absence the positions of Choir Director and Organist had been separated. As it happened both positions were open when I returned and after much soul searching I chose to return as Organist. It has been a great experience to work with three different musicians in the position of Choir Director and the several choirs they have guided.

On the subject of piano tuning: After graduation from George Brown college of Applied Arts & Technology I began my career as a piano technician working for Bechstein Pianos in Toronto. As I gained confidence and reputation I started my own private practice there with 50 regular clients and many referrals. My busy teaching & performance schedule precludes such a large practice here in Nelson but I do enjoy the work and so keep a small practice here also.


RobinMurrayRobin Murray
Family Ministries

Robin has a Master’s degree in Recreation Management from the University of Idaho, as well as 2100+ hours of leadership experience in camps for girls, and another 1000+ hours experience in co-ed environmental education camps.

She is also a Candidate for Ministry with The United Church of Canada and is currently working on a Master of Divinity degree with the Vancouver School of Theology.