Sessions on Aging

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“Tell me an area in your life where you don’t know the Way,”

from Still Here by Ram Dass

WHAT:   Facilitators Lee Reid and Ralph Friesen are excited to offer 6 group sessions on aging, which will explore the grace and grit of living fully within the realities of physical aging.

WHEN:   Wednesday evenings, January 13-February 17, 2016, from 7-9pm.
WHY:     Aging can bring up confusing and powerful feelings. We may feel dread of dying, of disability, of senility or loneliness. Our passions have shifted. What we valued may seem lost. We seek new ground, a new paradigm of courage, belonging and hope.

       Many of us simply want to live fully awake, present to each and every moment of our precious elder lives! How is this possible, when aging appears to be all about letting go? We seek freedom, despite the contraction and limitations of aging. We discover that we must face into our fears, share the courage and the vulnerability, and explore new ways of looking at aging.
       Together we will break new ground to discover the potential and possibilities of living gracefully as we age! Each week, we will explore aging from a personal renewal perspective though dialogue, group conversation, and the sharing of simple approaches and practices.

       “Our losses and pains and sorrows can be the very things that open us to the grace of living, in ever present awareness.” 
                        ~ Kathleen Dowling Singh, author, Aging into Grace

WHO:      This group is for individuals who feel challenged by their aging process; want to discover answers through a shared dialogue and who want to honestly engage the vulnerability, courage and grace of aging. Limit of 12 people.

WHERE:   Nelson United Church’s Trinity Lounge

       Fee: six sessions are $120. This requires a commitment to prepay for all sessions by January 6, whether or not you are able to attend all 6 sessions.  Note: if you cannot afford the full fee, please contact Lee Reid

       Application: to apply, phone or email Lee Reid: 250-352-3870 or
                  Registration : By cheque payable to : Ms Lee Reid: 904 Third St., Nelson, B.C. V1L 2R6.
                  Preparation:  Prior to the sessions starting, please read the book “The Grace in Aging” , by Kathleen Dowling Singh
   Note:  FURTHER GROUPS ON AGING, 2016:  In the future it is our intention to offer a range of groups, including a group for men, and a day long intensive.
       For further information, or to be placed on a waitlist, phone or email Lee Reid: 250-352-3870 or

       The facilitators are Ralph Friesen, Linda Moore and Lee Reid.
We are seniors who have grown through marriages, children, family losses, challenging careers, health learnings, and the exploration of spiritual disciplines.

       Ralph Friesen, M.A, M.F.T.. Ralph is a retired counselor who switched careers from the public service to become a Family Therapist. He has an interest in family history, and genealogy, and enjoys a lively exchange of ideas. He is married with two children and five grandchildren.
       Lee Reid, M.ED.  Lee is a retired counselor with a career in mental health services and community development. She is currently writing a book about elders who grow their own food, which is a testament to the resilience, heart and generative nature of Kootenay seniors.

       Linda Moore. Linda is a business owner, an executive coach and consultant in leadership, governance and strategic planning, with a passion for the role of “elder ” in families and communities. She is a grandmother and an educator who contributes to many community initiatives. Linda, with Lee as assistant, has recently completed facilitation of a six session group for women at the Kootenay Shambhala Meditation Centre.

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