The Season of Creation

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What is the “Season of Creation”?

Worship material for World Council of Churches congregations to celebrate the Season of Creation, or what is known in some places as Creation Time 2015, comes from an ecumenical writing group, with contributors from the Church of Scotland, The Methodist Church, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the United Reformed Church.  Go to their website for more information.  

This material stems from the World Council of Churches theme “Joining the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.”  It is written to help prepare and equip congregations, churches and parishes to respond to the Conference Of Parties 21, a UN gathering in Paris in early December 2015.

The Paris gathering is a gathering from many sectors, business, government, finance, the United Nations, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and civil society, to talk about many issues facing our planet; by far the biggest event will be the “Sustainable Innovation Forum” (  Leaders and representatives of more than one hundred and ninety countries, 750 plus attendees, 80 inspirational speakers, workshop leaders and panel discussion participants, will be meeting together to try to agree on measures necessary to avoid damaging changes to the planet and its inhabitants, including a possibly catastrophic 2°C rise in the global temperatures.

creation logo2The United Church of Canada introduced Creation Time in the Season of Pentecost in 2010. It is not a church season per se, but a period in which congregations celebrate the fact that creation is an integral part of the whole Christian year. The “tree” logo was designed for this occasion and orange was selected as the corresponding  liturgical colour.

Although it feels as if a new liturgical colour was introduced, Creation Time and its colour orange is an important recapturing of an ancient Christian liturgical way of being that we had forgotten.

The colour orange was:

• the Early Christian colour for confessors, monastics, and matrons
• worn in some Russian churches during summer fasts; in Western rites, some mainline Protestant churches propose orange as a colour for fall
• some Orthodox Churches use scarlet, orange, or rust

Its Symbolism/Psychology:

• symbolic of endurance and strength
• colour of fire and flame
• the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom
• colour of harvest, fruitfulness, joy
• colour of positive energy


At NUC we followed a journey theme, i.e. that we are on a journey together to make changes for the greater journey of life that we all share on planet Earth.  Our Season of Creation began with an ecumenical picnic in Lakeside Park—what better place to begin the Season of Creation—where we began the journey together at the Rotary Shelter.


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