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Thanks all for a great year of Youth Group meetings! We will start up again in September.
In the meantime, if you would like to send us suggestions for next year,
updates about your summer
or just want to chat, message us here,
or email Robin youth @ nelsonunitedchurch .ca 

Also, for girls ages 10-13, Robin will be directing the Jr. Girls Camp at Camp Koolaree, her friend Peter from Fruitvale will be directing Jr. Boys, and her friend Juliana from Rossland will be directing the Co-Ed Teen Camp for boys & girls ages 14-17.



Sunday mornings young folk are invited to participate in the first part of the our worship service and then are invited to join in one of three age-appropriate Sunday School classes

Wonderer Group:  A story-based, play-centered Sunday School group for ages 3-4-5-6 (or preschool to Grade 1).  Most sessions include singing, prayer, story time, crafts and free play.  Every Sunday January 3 to June 12, except for Easter Sunday

Explorer Group:  A story-based, relational-centered Sunday School group for ages 7-8-9-10 (or Grades 2-5).  Most sessions include prayers written by the class, story time, discussion, crafts and games. Every Sunday January 3 to June 12, except for Easter Sunday

Seekers Group:  A discussion–based Sunday School for ages      11-12-13-14 (or Grades 6-9).  Older teens are welcome to join in this class if they wish.  Most sessions include prayers written by the class, discussing what we believe and making more conscious faith connections to our lives, and games or activities. Every Sunday starting February 14 to June 12, except for Easter Sunday

During services in which there is no Sunday School,  the Ushers usually have activity packets available for children.  There is also a play area in the front of the Sanctuary and a play room up behind the balcony that  families may use at any time during the service.




Nelson United Church Youth Group
Fridays  7-9 p.m. in the Church Hall

All youth ages 11-18 are invited to join! 
Active games,
board games, 
special outings,
and most important: good friends! 



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