Created by Deborah Monty
located Main Narthex.

The artist, Deborah, is the eldest daughter of Ron and Doreen Monty.
She was raised in Nelson and attended Hume, Trafalgar and LVR schools.
She adventured with many artistic media during her teenage years, calligraphy being only one of them.
She did this piece when she was 16 (1971) using medieval illuminated examples as her model.
Her Paternal Grandmother asked her to do the Lord's Prayer and she finished it in a few months using calligraphic pens and permanent inks on heavy parchment paper.

Ron donated it to the church in memory of Deb's Grandmother, Doris E. Ryalls-McGuinnes, her Step Grandfather, Milton B. Ryalls, her Great Grandmother, Maria Frost, and her Paternal Grandfather, John Monty, all of whom had connections with the United Church.



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Cross Stitch

Created by Bob Emory

located outside the church office in the south narthex