In June, 1995, as Fairview United Church was preparing to amalgamate with St. Paul's-Trinity United Church in order to create a new church and congregation at Nelson United, they had an interim Minister for two years, Rev. Dorcas Larson. At one of the final services at Fairview, Dorcas presented the congregation with the DOVE. It was brought to Nelson United Church and "flies" in the sanctuary, above the pulpit, in the pipe loft. Dorcus gave this to us so that it would be a constant reminder that the Holy Spirit surrounds us, guides us and gives us peace, not only in our Church, but in our daily lives as well.


The following article appeared in The Fairview CHRONICLE, edition: April 15, 1995 - June30, 1995:

Thank You, God,
for new beginings!

Endings and beginings, closing and opening doors, new experiences and the day-to-day routines – all are needed and important. What is most important for us to know is that every day, every hour, every moment is a new begining.
We can begin again! Whatever yesterday held is in the past. Painful memories are dissolved, and disappointments are swept away. In this moment all, including each one of us, is made new.
We can begin again! Even if doors have closed to some meaningful experiences, we know that even greater good is in store. Let us catch the vision of new doors, new opportunities that are opening to us.
We are growing and unfolding as we continually say yes to God's plan of good for us.

"For everything there is a season." – Ecclesiastes 3:1

We hope and pray that the DOVE
can have the same meaning for all who come into our Church home
as it does for those initial venturers from Fairview.