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Nelson United Church offers a variety of venues to suit your needs:

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We recognise the importance of providing access to our building
and sharing our space with those who need venues for community and family events.

To make our facility available, our Church Council and The Steward & Finance Committee developed
a Facility Use Policy and rental fee schedule to support the ongoing upkeep of our "Centennial Building".

Nelson United Church is centrally located in the City of Nelson with street parking available in the neighbourhood.

Our building is wheelchair accessible and provides a handicapped parking area at the back of the building.



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Nelson United Church Facility Use Policy

Purpose Statement
This policy shall govern how the Nelson United Church facility is used by user-groups, individuals and committees and what rent shall be charged.

The use, and payment for the use, of the space at Nelson United Church shall be determined in one of four ways:

1.     Events that take place under the auspices of Nelson United Church:

  1. Events will be organized by a standing committee of Council, by Council, or by a recognized group within the church, i.e. the UCW, the Men's Club, or the Sunday School
  2. Depending upon the event, the church committee or group may wish to take donations to offset the heat/hydro and maintenance of the building related to their use.
  3. If the event is a ticketed event (i.e. an amount is charged for a ticket), either an amount to be paid to the church will be negotiated or the full rental amount will be paid

2.     Nelson United Church welcomes community organizations to present events and hold meetings in the church subject to the facility use policies. All community users of Nelson United Church are required to remit donations for facility use as laid out in the facility charges policy.

3.     Organizations that fit with the mission of Nelson United Church can apply to remit a reduced donation for facility use:

  1. To get the reduced rate, an organization or individual will have to apply.
  2. The application will be reviewed in a timely fashion by the Chair of Council, the Church Treasurer, the Secretary and one of the Ministers.
  3. Those who qualify will be individuals or organizations wishing to provide public information that is in line with the mission and vision of Nelson United Church, or community events that promote values that are in line with Nelson United Church
  4. If applicable, a suitable amount for use of the space will be negotiated between the Secretary and the user and ratified by the committee as outlined above.

4.     Rates for regular long-term contracted users of Nelson United Church will be negotiated by the Stewards and Finance committee.


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Event Manager:

An Event Manager, appointed by Nelson United Church, will act as agent for the Church and will be familiar with the event contract and the related rules and regulations. They will liaise with the presenters/renters during their use of the facility, from opening through to lock-up.
General: Lighting, heating and air conditioning to be supervised by the Event Manager.

Food or drink will not be permitted in the Sanctuary.
Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.
Use of alcohol is not permitted and renters will not be able to arrange a Liquor License

Ticketing: Presold, complimentary, and performer's ticket count will be given to the Event Manager by the renters before the event opens. The Event Manager controls the numbers entering the venue. Presenters/renters will provide ushers for their event.
Access: Aisles and exits must be kept clear of seating, sound equipment and cables, or any obstruction that would impede fire/emergency evacuation.
Fire Evacuation: The fire exit plan (with map) is to be understood by the presenters/renters and responsibility designated to assist in evacuation if necessary. In the event of an alarm, the building is to be evacuated immediately. The cause of the alarm will be determined by fire officials before re-entry is permitted.
Clean up: The Event Manager supervises the clean up and restoration of the furnishings. The building is to be checked for "hideaways" and fire doors closed. The security alarm will be re-set by the Event Manager if the event continues past 11:00pm.



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(Updated November 30, 2015)
For use of Nelson United Church Facilities
For use of Church Facilities
For use of Nelson United Church Facilities