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Published on Aug 13th, 2018 by Webminister | 0

Nelson United Church Board Proposal to Build Our Congregation” was presented to the congregation after Worship on Sunday, August 12. 

 This link will open a pdf document of that proposal:
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The Board is proposing a two-year full-time appointment to intentionally work on building up our congregation. 

The primary focus of this position would be engagement with youth, young families, and young adults, communication about our values and beliefs, creating new relationships and partnerships in the community, and provide direct leadership to the creation of programming, ministry and potential changes to the physical building that we envision for the future.

There will be a congregational meeting on September 16 to vote on this proposal. In the meantime, there will be opportunities to talk with and ask questions of Board members about this proposal. Each Sunday following Worship there will be a Board member at the “Discussion Table” set up in the Library corner of the Church Hall during Coffee Time.

Please consider this proposal and discuss it with the Board members in order to make a decision on September 16.
Members of the Board: Linda Mae Findlay, Leah Gray, Kathy Baker, Roy Nelson, Jasmine Lysenko, Mary Ann Morris, and David Boyd.

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