Board News

Published on Oct 11th, 2019 by Webminister | 0

The Board is very excited about all of the new initiatives we’ve been taking over the past year in particular. The new relationship with the Nelson Community Food Centre is going well. Over the past few months, we’ve invested in our building by undertaking a number of upgrades; we’ve improved lighting, energy efficiency (windows and heat pumps), and replaced carpets—thanks to those leading this.

And the Board is excited to invest in our ministry by entering into a contract with The Center for Progressive Renewal for one year’s consultation to help us discern a forward path for our congregation; Gregg Carlson will be our contact and comes with many years of experience.The cost of this is $15,000 USD and will come from the Vision Fund and Regional Grants.

Gregg will be with us for five days of discernment in October, from October 23rd through Sunday, October 27th. He will meet with the Board, various individuals in the congregation, focus groups and community leaders. He’ll be with us for worship and will give a brief workshop to us all after worship. He’ll create a report for us and be available for consultation throughout the coming year to help us reinvigorate our ministry for years to come.

We’d like everyone’s involvement in Gregg’s time with us.So, please contact Linda Mae Findlay, our Board Chair, to schedule a chance to meet with Gregg, who will come with questions and a process to acquire the information he needs. Linda Mae can be reached through the church office at 250-352-2822.

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