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2017 Programs:

Sunday School at Nelson United Church:  From Jan. 8th  to June 11th  we offer three Sunday School classes during the second half of most 10 a.m. Sunday services.  

Wonderers” class for children ages 3–6 years:
Each Sunday features a Bible story followed by activities supporting the theme of the day’s story, For the children this means a lot of play, easy crafts, and music.

Explorers” Class for Children ages 7–11 Years:
Following their Bible Story they have activities supporting the theme of the day’s story. This means more complicated crafts, puzzles and games.  They also take time for conversation and writing their own “Prayers of the People.”

Seekers” class for youth in Grade 6 and up:
The Seekers class vary greatly from week to week, generally beginning with writing their own Prayers of the “People” and mapping out the countries featured in the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle. Following this is a discussion about how faith is lived out in our daily lives, individually and as a church. This could be through Bible story, watching and discussing a video, learning about activities involving environmental and/or social justice, trying out a new spiritual practice, or what ever comes up!



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