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For the Week of August 9th, 2020


You are invited…

  Zoom Drop-in NUC BYOC* Party

 * BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee)

Wednesday Morning

10:30 AM to Noon

      Come, join us… Stay as long as you can, or drop in when you’re able. 


Join the Party: 


If you are not able to join from your computer or mobile device, you can telephone in and join the discussion:
       +1 778 907 2071 (toll free)
  Meeting ID: 834 9687 8900   

If you have difficulties joining our coffee party, please let Lois ( know and she will arrange for someone to help you. 
Also, there are a number of training videos on Youtube: search for “how to join Zoom.”


Thursday evening at 7:00 pm

Join Robin and Robyn for our weekly hymn sing…

Live on our YouTube channel:



An invitation to participate
in the Live-stream Home Worship service.

We now have the ability to include others in our live-stream Home Worship Service. 
For those who write the Prayers of the People, and those who would like to read the Scriptures, you are invited to join us Sunday morning in the Sanctuary to participate in the live service. If you would be uncomfortable in this setting we would arrange for you to come to the church Thursday evening (before the HymnSing ) to do a pre-recording. This recording would then be “spliced” into the Sunday morning live-stream by some technical wizardry conducted by Andrew!

If you would be interested in participating in this way or would like more information about how this could happen, please contact Lois in the Office. 





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