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Guatemala Bienestar



Guatemala Bienestar

Guatemala Bienestar
Nelson United Church-Guatemala Alliance for Community Well-being

The NUC-GACW (Guatemala Bienestar) is a project of Nelson United Church (NUC) and others who wish to support locally identified and managed social and health promotion projects from Guatemala that contribute to community wellness through improved health, education, capacity building, identity validation and self-worth of the people.

Members of Nelson United Church congregation have a longstanding history of actively living their faith by engaging in actions that both directly care for those who are oppressed and marginalized and who challenge the very forces that create such oppression.  At both the regional and national level, Nelson United Church and The United Church of Canada have been in solidarity with Guatemala since the mid 80’s focusing on the accompaniment of refugees during exile and the repatriation process, gender justice, enactment of the 1996 Peace Accords, and respect for Indigenous rights and culture.

Nelson United Church continues to partner with this vital program. 

More information can be seen on their website: