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Leaving a Legacy

On Sunday, May 10th  2015, our “Leaving a Legacy” program was launched during worship. Morgan Gould shared some personal remarks for why he and Joe had decided to leave a legacy gift to Nelson United Church. An excerpt of Morgan’s remarks follow.

From our first day here, our church community at Nelson United Church welcomed us with open arms, and when the day came that the most wonderful man in the world proposed to me, we both of us knew that you, our community, would be an integral part of our wedding, and our joy. Indeed, our wedding day will be remembered as one of the happiest days of my life, a happiness multiplied a thousand fold because it was not only celebrated with you, but by all of you.

After the high of getting married, Joe and I spent weeks in discussion about legal matters: wills, medical directives, and so on. We decided that on our deaths we would leave a portion of our estate to Nelson United Church. This is an expression of our gratitude to you, our church family, but more importantly it is a gesture of support to Nelson United Church that it continues its purpose and mission far into the future.

For those of you who have never had to deal with hatred, bigotry and social exclusion from communal life, I can say that our church stands out as a rare exception. You will understand then when I say that I am full of feeling following last week’s worship that recognized and spoke to the concerns of transgender individuals.   In fact, it is the first time in my life that I have been named and welcomed as a gay man in the context of a worship service. Part of our legacy will be a ‘forever’ thank you to you all.

Leaving a Legacy brochure
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Details about the “Leaving a Legacy” program can be found in our brochure that has been prepared. In it you’ll learn about the creation of a Legacy Fund – an umbrella fund for Community and Youth – that is a vehicle for you to set aside money or other wealth from end-of-life assets rather than monthly or annual income.

The Legacy Fund asks us to consider what has become common practice: leaving a small token or bequest to our church. Why not consider leaving the equivalent of a tithe – 10% – of your end-of-life assets? Many say, “But our children need this inheritance.” Yes, and family is your first and primary consideration. Depending on your situation, though, let’s look at a common scenario. You typically have two children. You decide to leave 90% of your legacy to your children to be divided equally between them, and 10% to the Legacy Fund of Nelson United Church. This effectively means that each child receives 5% less than the total amount. For most estates, this amount is negligible and would not materially impact your children. If you have three children or more, each would receive 3% less (per child), and so on — not enough, really, to have a negative impact on your children’s inheritance.

The Legacy Fund is a critical part of Nelson United Church’s future, and will be used to fund the ongoing operations of the church building, fund important community outreach projects, and support youth by linking them to important social justice issues of our day. Faithful, growing congregations are relying more and more on legacy gifts.

Your legacy gift is a reflection of how you wish to be remembered, and as equally important, will make it possible for Nelson United Church to make a difference in Nelson and the larger community for many years to come.   Your legacy gift helps to ensure your legacy long after your departure. We invite you to ‘go and make a difference’, as one of our favourite songs says.

For more information, please contact Peter Busby or Morgan Gould.


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