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Congratulations to you both as you embark upon the life-long journey of marriage.

We believe that this is a creative venture of faith and love on your part.
Should you have your marriage here at Nelson United Church or at some other venue,
we trust that it will have a deep spiritual meaning for both of you.
We shall endeavour to help in any way possible to make this a memorable occasion.

It is important to understand that a wedding under the auspices of Nelson United Church (and the Province of BC as the licensing body) is, first and foremost, a religious ceremony. It is the understanding of our Church that a religious ceremony involves God (however you understand God) in the commitment and covenant that you make in a wedding service. Part of the ceremony also involves asking God to bless your union.

Time should be allowed for consultation with the minister concerning the form and meaning of the service and the responsibilities which you assume. If you wish, you are encouraged to design individual commitments or even the whole service so that your marriage ceremony will be your very own.

Marriage is also a legal matter, coming under Provincial Law. Sanction to marry is given by the issuing of a Marriage License; the office for this is at 310 Ward Street, Nelson, and you will need to bring the license to our Church office at least a week in advance of your wedding.

Since the definition of marriage was changed under federal law in 2005 to include same-sex couples, Nelson United has adopted an inclusive marriage policy affirming the rights of all people to be married. Following the federal government act, our marriage policy reads: Marriage is defined as the lawful union of two people to the exclusion of all others.

For additional specific information and examples of wedding ceremony content please review this: INFORMATION FOR THOSE SEEKING TO BE MARRIED AT 

NUC Marriage Policy

If you have any questions regarding your wedding or the above information, do not hesitate to call the Church office at 250-352-2822. After normal working hours, please leave a message on the answering machine.


May happiness and true love be yours all the days of your life,
and may God richly bless your marriage.