Notes from Thabi

Published on Apr 17th, 2014 by Webminister | 0

Notes from Thabi, who has recently been to the United Nations and
is currently in Brazil:

United Nations Building

“I met with the counsellor from the permanent mission to Brazil at the United Nations and she is supportive of a peace leadership camp for young women in Bahia, Brazil. She’s giving me leads on funding, as is Sandra Ruch, who thinks we can swing it with one grant. The funder happened to attend the panel I spoke at in NYC at the UN and she was apparently very impressed and so it looks hopeful! I also met with the director of UN international peace relations from Geneva, who was very supportive of our project as well.
The panel went amazingly well. I spoke of our project work in Brazil and how we are now working with youth here and connecting the two groups. There was much enthusiasm about this.“
“I am currently in Brazil (is it ever hot here!) and will be going to a big church service with over 150 youth members to speak with them about what we are doing with our project and see if we can collaborate. Also going to meet with 2 partner projects and visit 1 other that we may partner with in our mission to internationally connect and empower youth to end and prevent violence and build stronger communities and futures. All partners here are arts-based peace leadership and education oriented. I will give a detailed report on these outcomes when I return. I feel very excited and fortunate to be here and there is so much to do in the 28 days -I’ll certainly do my best!! I will be giving the t-shirts that our Nelson youth painted to youth here and do the same vice versa. The idea is to generate mutual inspiration cross culturally and make statements publicly through art. Also, our group in Nelson has already started creating original greeting cards from recycled paper and materials (with our project logo and info on the back) to help raise funds for our partner projects in Brazil that literally save and turn around the precious lives of so many youth.“

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