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Nyanyadzi Methodist Church

— Our sister congregation since 1989:       

You might know that Nelson United Church’s connection with Nyanyadzi Methodist Church was initiated in the early ’90s when The City of Nelson was engaged with Mutare, Zimbabwe. Irene McIlwaine and Peggy Corbett were our main contacts for many years and Rachael Maposa and her mother, Eleanor, were their main contacts in Zimbabwe. 
Eleanor died some years ago. Rachael moved to study in England earning a degree in Public Health and is now about to graduate with an additional degree in Adult  Nursing.
It has been several years since our congregation has had meaningful contact with Nyanyadzi Methodist Church although we have continued to hold them in our prayers.
Recently world news reported that millions of people in Zimbabwe are starving and facing severe drought.  We reached out to Rachael in order to offer support to the Nyanyadzi congregation. With some difficulty and perseverance, we have now succeeded in connecting by email with Anesu Muzanenhamo as you can read in his email below.



I am grateful for your desire to help Nyanyadzi Church. Well, Eleanor Maposa was my grandmother and it is an honor to continue her legacy of helping the less privileged members and the church at large with your support.

About transferring the money, I advise you to send the money to Rachael Winnie Maposa in the United Kingdom. Rachael has always been supporting us through sending money via MoneyGram, she is the most reliable and trustworthy individual that I know. It would also be great to have Ms. R W Maposa on board because she has a vibrant mindset that we can make use of for the betterment of the Church.

Our country is going through a drastic economic meltdown and we are facing 16-hour electric powercuts, daily, it will be of great aid if we have a solar-powered facility installed at the church plus to drill a borehole for reliable water supply. Last year, Manicaland, the province our church is situated in got hit by cyclone Idai (I assume in Canada you call it a hurricane). The majority of our church members got affected through the loss of lives of the people who lived in the parts of Manicaland that got hit. As a result of the cyclone, we did not harvest a lot of grain, maize to be specific, our staple food. At the moment we are facing drought and a lot of people are starving. We have orphaned children amongst the congregation and what is of great importance to them is education, the availability of funds to pay up their tuition would change their lives. Basic medical supplies are needed because our government failed to provide medical care for the local community clinic.

Not everything is of sadness over here, we managed to buy a lorry that helps to transport Church members whenever there is a service or conference in another village. A daycare for toddlers was built for the church members’ children and we also accept children of non-members. Nyanyadzi Church owns a grinding mill that services the entire community, anyone from Nyanyadzi can come with their grain to have it crashed and refined for a certain fee.

Immense love in Jesus Christ, Anesu Muzanenhamo

Nyanyadzi Grinding Mill
Nyanyadzi Grinding Mill
Nyanyadzi Methodist Church
Nyanyadzi Methodist Church














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