Prayers of the People: DECEMBER 16

Published on Dec 15th, 2018 by Webminister | 0

Join me this morning in the Prayers of the People.  When I say, “God who surrounds us,” respond with “Hear our prayers.”

God of Hope, we see you everywhere in sky and earth and water, rejoicing with us in moments of light, in a baby’s birth, in celebration of human events and in unexpected miracles; as the days grow short, we begin to anticipate, on this Advent Sunday the promise of light and life marked by the birth of Jesus. We stay watchful for your presence and you will not find us asleep. God who surrounds us…    “Hear our prayers“.

God who sees all sorrows, we also feel your presence in the moments of darkness, sadness, loneliness, illness and fear. You have said not to be afraid, as your love is stronger than fear, and you have promised to be always near. Lift our people up and enfold them in your comfort; we pray that all those stricken are given what they need…    …and others we pray for, silently or aloud…    …God who surrounds us…    “Hear our prayers“.

God ever-present, you are there to catch us in the chaos of the world’s disease, war and injustice. We light candles in our hearts for the countries of China, Hong Kong, and Macau in the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, for the people of Nyanyadzi Church, our Bienestar partners in Guatemala and the LGBTQ people of Tanzania.

We pray for the peacekeepers and peacemakers of the world, as well as health care workers, teachers, engineers and those who serve in many organizations. Give them courage. And in our Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster, we remember The Right Reverend Richard Bott, Moderator, and members of the new Denominational Council of The United Church of Canada.  We are proud of the Mission and Service Arm of the United Church of Canada — it is a beacon of light and comfort wherever it goes. Shine your face on all of us and give us peace. God who surrounds us…    “Hear our prayers“.

God who has given us Jesus as a glowing beacon, you have heard us, and we are thankful to be able to bear his name and responsibility. We promise to watch for signs of holiness in unexpected places and angels in every face we meet. God who surrounds us…    “Hear our prayers“.

And the people say… “Amen!”


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