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Let us pray, and when you hear the words, “Three in One God,” please respond with, “Hear our prayers.”  These prayers are based on the Iona Community Sunday morning prayers of concern.

O Maker and Lover of all, in the mystery of your kindness you have united us to each other and called us to serve the earth and its people.  In this time of COVID-19, we experience challenges in being united and we seek your guidance in connecting to one another in meaningful and healing ways.  Hear our prayers in this time of worship we pray: for our kin at the Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Eagle Ridge United Church in Coquitlam, for all who are doing so much in the world for peace, justice, health and wholeness, and for all who are dealing directly with COVID-19.  In our action in the world, may we model a future of economic equality, racial harmony, and inclusion rather than authoritarianism and exclusion.  Three in One God…   “Hear our prayers.” 

Grateful for the life in our bodies, we pray for those whose lives are diminished by ill health, depression, grief or rejection, asking for the healing, affirming, listening which will encourage and restore them. We pray for all who experience violence, exploitation, and prejudice because of who they are in terms of gender and sexual expression.  We pray for all who are affected by the pandemic, all who experience increased anxiety and uncertainty, all who are unemployed; we think of teachers and students and ask your blessing on us all.  We pray for all who are affected by wildfire; we can smell the smoke here in Nelson and know and trust that everyone will be safe. Three in One God…   “Hear our prayers.” 

May your Spirit, loving God, be with those experiencing illness in body, mind, or spirit.  Here and now, with intention and hope, we pray for all those named in our Prayer List; we pause also to remember others who are near and dear to us…       … Three in One God…   “Hear our prayers.” 

Conscious of the peace of this time of worship, we pray for those who have no peace because of war or the fear of war, or the threat of violence, or the grip of hunger, or the loss of hope.  May the voice of the victims be heard, and the work of the peacemakers be blessed.  We think of Belarus and the hope for a new start; we pray for all working so hard to end violence against people based on race; we pray for Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Togo and peace in those countries named by the World Council of Churches. Three in One God…   “Hear our prayers.” 

Surrounded by rugged and tender beauty, we pray for the earth, especially where it is damaged by human carelessness and threatened by human greed; and ask that we may learn to care for the earth as you care and love us.  May those working for hope and health in Guatemala, especially the Bienestar project, know they are not alone.  And may we all come together in a new future where all life is considered sacred and a gift from you.  And bless Robin Murray as she starts her new position in Castlegar as well as Sue Breisch, who is the new minister in Trail and Rossland. Three in One God…   “Hear our prayers.” 

And together we say…  “Amen!”



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