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          As we come together in prayer, I invite you to sit comfortably, feet on the floor, hands relaxed. As you breathe deeply and slowly, listen again to these words from Romans10:13: 
Everyone who calls on the name of the Most High God will be saved…
Everyone who calls on the name of the Most High God will be delivered.

Let us pray:
God Most High, everyone who calls on you, comes to know your faithful presence and your infinitely patient steadfast love. Everyone who calls on you, O God, comes to know your timely deliverances. And yes – those who call on you experience life-giving revelations and sometimes your divine sense of humour. And so it is, Most High God, like Peter, we call out in surrender and in adoration.  Help us to remember that as disciples we are lifelong learners, sometimes sinking and often in need of your saving deliverance. Help us to remember that we are always being loved into greater holiness and wholeness.

Mindful of the thousands and thousands of lives around the world tossed about in the wind and waves of the pandemic, we pray for those who this very hour are struggling to recover, those who are dying, those who are grieving, those fearfully awaiting test results, and for medical personnel, first responders, clergy, and funeral home personnel. May our leaders here in Canada be attentive to the needs of all who live in this land we call home.  Mindful of our neighbours to the south, the United States, we pray that those making decisions will do so with wisdom and compassion. Farther away we lift-up in concern the people of Lebanon and especially the citizens of Beirut as they struggle to deal with overwhelming devastation.    

From the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we join with others to pray for the people and leaders of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, whose citizens lack the most basic needs and basic rights. Closer to home, from the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Prayer Cycle, we pray for the folks who live their faith within the Haida Gwaii pastoral charge.

Here in Nelson, from this congregation’s prayer list, we ask that your calming power deliver thnamed in our Prayer List…    …Hear also our prayers for those we now name…

Creator of all our days we praise you for this season of summer. We thank you for early morning sunrise silently shifting into glorious life-giving heat for all creation, for the gift of water as in rain, mountain streams, lakes and rivers, and for the variety of life within.  Hear our gratitude for summer scents – freshly mowed grass, roses and tomatoes just off the vine. Hear our prayerful appreciation for phone calls, zoom times and in social distance smiles and friendly waves.  Our deepest gratitude, O God, is for scripture, for your Living Word. We praise you for the stories of Jesus and folks like us finding their way so that we are, again and again, reminded of your enduring love and faithfulness.

 And together out loud the people say:  “Amen!


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