Prayers of the People: February 15

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Let us join our hearts and minds together in prayer. When you hear the words “God of Heaven and Earth” please respond with “hear our prayers”.

 The Earth is alive.
Teeming, crawling under the thinnest crust of snow.
In this final stretch of winter we wait for the crocuses to emerge.
Watch for the pussy willows to bloom.
Expectanty holding our breath in anticipation like the bridegroom awaiting his beautiful bride upon the altar.
And yet, we are patient.
These are your cycles God, as much as they are all of ours.
We have grown accustomed to ebb and flow. Sunrise and sunset. Freeze and thaw.
We know to dig deep in the darkness and in the cold. Kindling the flame. Keeping it safe. Allowing it to burn bright.
The bright light that is everything creative, kind and strong.
Make our hearts like good clay bowls God.
Ready and able to hold the oil and the wick.
Ready for your light.
God of Heaven and Earth…    “hear our prayers”.


God of hope:

Today we honor and thank all of the people in our community who give their time and their energy. She volunteers because she believes in justice. He volunteers because he values community. They volunteer because they care about the wellbeing of all people. We volunteer because we love.
Help us God to have the energy and the passion to serve you in our serving of others. God of Heaven and Earth…    “hear our prayers”.

Gracious God:
We pray for people in our world. In the Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster we pray for the members of the Planning and Visioning Team as they prepare for the spring meeting. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle we pray for the countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy and Malta. We pray for our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We pray for peacemakers and peace keepers serving throughout the world. We pray for loved ones, friends and family named in our Prayer List. Silently or aloud, you may now mention the names of others that you pray for…    …God of Heaven and Earth…    “hear our prayers”.


We place our burdens and our joys in your hands, God. We trust that you receive our prayers with wisdom and compassion for all your people. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.









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