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Prayers of the People: February 2, 2020

Breathing deeply and slowly we settle and center ourselves for prayer — and as we prepare ourselves to go from this place to live as disciples of Jesus, the Christ.

Holy Presence. Timeless Truth. Patient Love.

Without excuses or rationalizations, we confess our failures to do justice even in the smallest of ways.

As well we have not always loved kindness and we have dismissed its power to make a difference. And so it is we have not humbly walked with you our God.

We are truly grateful for this morning’s story in Matthew telling us that Jesus saw the crowds, that with his heart he beheld those folks in all their humanity. In this, we can take comfort and be encouraged that whatever our brokenness, you know us fully and you love us unconditionally.

In our struggles to walk with you may our efforts become more than we can imagine because of your Loving Presence with us, with all people. May this be our message of good news for those we encounter.

It is our prayer privilege to join with others to pray from the World Council of Churches prayer cycle naming Andorra, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Spain and Vatican City. We give thanks for their rich historical legacies and centuries of faithful witnessing in Jesus’ name.

Mindful of the frightening Coronavirus outbreak we pray for the sick, their families, their neighbourhoods, and for medical responders, researchers and all those who work at airports and other ports of entry in countries around the world.

Closer to home, from the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Prayer Cycle we pray for the following congregations: Robertson Memorial, Nakusp, Robson Valley in Valemont and Rosedale United Church in Rosedale.  We are prayerfully mindful of those named at the top of our bulletin prayer list. With tender concern we name the individuals on our Prayer List, and those we name aloud or silently ….  …As we go to live as Jesus’ disciples we recommit ourselves to do justice, love kindness and humbly walk with you our God.

In Jesus’ name…   And the people say:  “Amen!” 

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