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Prayers of the People: January 19

When you hear the words, “God of all creation,” please respond with “hear our prayers.” 
God of surprises, you call us from our everyday, ordinary lives to new ways of being, to new ways of sharing ourselves, and to new ways of coming together to be your church.  Free us from the trappings of our culture to creative witness for peace and justice, for healing and wholeness so that we may embrace your vision.  We pray for all the professional organizations that work tirelessly in many difficult situations for clean water, education, health care, infrastructure, and the creation of peace and well-being.  We pray for those involved with the Bienestar project in Guatemala.  We pray for our kin who are struggling in in Zimbabwe, and for loved ones at the Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.  God of all creation…   “hear our prayers.” 

 In Jesus, we hear the call to be healers in our own ways; Jesus, the Wounded Healer, through his own vulnerabilities, shared your love in new and deep ways.  You call us from those concerns that weigh upon us to embrace new patterns of peacemaking and new modes of being community.  Heal each of us from whatever ails us, and heal the world, thinking especially of Australia, its flora and fauna and all the people that live there.  We pray for the peoples, land and all that has life in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, that these countries may know peace and openness to all.  We think also of LGBTQplus folk who face persecution; may the whole world grow in its openness and love for all expressions of sexuality. God of all creation,

We give thanks for the Spirit’s presence in our lives, transforming and inviting us to deeper lives of faithfulness and hope.  May the blessing, holding, and loving Spirit be with those near and dear to us, naming those on our Prayer List, and others we name silently or aloud…   …“hear our prayers.” 

Dear God, creator of all that has life.  We are grateful for the gifts we have received.  We are grateful for your presence in our lives.  In living gratefully, we share the gifts of our lives in ways that help transform your world, for you call us all to love, respect and work with you in recreating our environment and the gift of creation.  We also give thanks that we are not alone, that we are part of the United Church and work with other congregation; today, we pray for Powell River and Quadra Island United Churches.  All of the prayers we offer, we do so with intention, with faithfulness, trusting in your creative love that instills in us a new hope.  And so, as your gathered people, we pray. 

And we all say together…    AMEN!

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