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Please join me in the prayers of the people and when you hear “We pray that all may be one” please respond with “Hear our prayers.

Founding God, we consider our heritage today:  Our tradition is that we are a united and uniting church.  Our unique crest says ut omnes unum sint”, meaning “That all may be one” and the incorporated medicine wheel reflects diversity and interdependence.  We have taken into our union the Aboriginal peoples of Canada, embracing “all my relations”.  This is what we do as members of this church: celebrate unity and break down walls that divide. We pray that all may be one…   “Hear our prayers.

Inspiring God, we consider epiphany, the manifestation of divinity.  It’s always a surprise, but no surprise, when there are four minutes more daily sunlight in our northern climate; we wait for warm spring from the day of the solstice, we wait for light, we wait and watch and are always stunned by the steadfast miracle of creation as the world turns. It reaffirms our faith in you, our creator, like an epiphany.  This miracle inspires us to believe in the best possible world, and we as Christians are to try in every way to make it so, daring to follow the way of Jesus, embodying your love. We pray that all may be one…   “Hear our prayers.

God of the whole world: We consider our connectivity in service to other nations.  In our ecumenical prayer cycle, we pray for leaders and church leaders in the countries of Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece today. Give them the wisdom to preserve peace. In our Pacific Mountain Region, we show our solidarity with Chemainus  United Church and Chemainus Crofton Pastoral Charge and ask you to bless and sustain them.    We remember peacemakers, peacekeepers, and professionals serving throughout the world, and wish them safety and courage, while they build unities wherever they go.   Because we have repeated their name for so long, we think of Nyandnazi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe as nearly-family, and we wish them strength and hope. Our thoughts and prayers go to our Bienestar people in Guatemala for the benevolent educating work that they do. We are mindful of the pandemic presence everywhere and hope that the world unifies to banish this scourge. We wish for all identity persecution to simply stop.  Our precious environmental future and this gift of creation make us so interdependent; we pray for the world to unify for its preservation. We pray that all may be one…   “Hear our prayers.

Comforting God: Closer to home, we remember our people named on our Prayer List who are sorrowful and ill, and those who have experienced loss.  We pray they can find their way through faith and know that we are here for them. Let them know they are all with us right now. We pray that all may be one…   “Hear our prayers.

It’s a tough world to change, but we as Christians can find our commonalities and celebrate our differences through Your enlightenment. We pray that all may be one…   “Hear our prayers.

And the people say:  “Amen!


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