Prayers of the People: January 4

Published on Jan 5th, 2015 by Member of Congregation | 0

Holy one, the guiding spirit of our lives we enter now a new year, to walk paths as yet not travelled. If we have hopes let them be fulfilled. If we have griefs let their hurt be replaced by the softer robe of memory. If we have disappointments let them be short lived. When we have joys, let them kindle a flame that fills our lives with the light of love.

God of tomorrows we ask your help and guidance for those organizing the new season of camping at Camp Koolaree and Rock Lake. For World Council of Churches we pray for all the peoples and countries in the Middle East. May peace end dissension, prosperity end need and want and new freedoms open doors to education without fear.

Here in our closer community our prayers are directed to the health and welfare of our staff, our minister, David, and those selfless volunteers involved in the ongoing work of Nelson Untied Church.

Creating God we thank you for this season of winter with frozen ponds and snow covered slopes offering its unique rest and recreation for us and renewal for the land. Now our thoughts turn to those needing your special care and healing. So we name peacekeepers and peacemakers and their families and our extended family at Nyanyadzi Methodist church in Zimbabwe. Each of us god have our own personal thoughts and needs so in these still, quiet moments hear our private prayers…     From our congregation we name all those in our Prayer List.

Holy One, bless us and fill us with the spirit of your son Jesus. Create in us the desire to follow your ways in the joy and love of your creation.

And the people say… “Amen”


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