Prayers of the People: June 15

Published on Jun 17th, 2014 by Webminister | 0

We come now to pray for our world, for each other, to give thanks and to affirm that we are not alone… that the world is not alone.  When you hear the words, “God of grace and beauty,” please respond with, “Hear our prayers.”  Let us pray…

For the beauty of the spring days: clouds framing the blue sky; bright sunny days and moon-lit nights; the rains which water the earth… all combing to create bursts of colour and beauty.  For all you give, O God, we are thankful: for communities of faith and resistance, for love shared, for hope given, for Kim Matson, Kootenay Presbytery Youth Coordinator, for justice and for love.  God of grace and beauty…   “Hear our prayers.” 

For high school graduates, college graduates, university graduates and for all who are embarking on a new step in life, we are grateful.  Bless those named through our congregation: Ryan Pengelly and Clay Corbett.  Bless those who have coordinated and taught in our Sunday School, who worked with youth this past year, and all of the young people through whom we experience your face and love, O God.  We are grateful for the new directions that the Helen Catley Youth Fund will enable us take.  God of grace and beauty…   “Hear our prayers.” 

For all who experience challenges and struggles, we ask your blessing.  We think of Margaret, Deby, Danaraj, Gwenn, Margaret, Micheline, Yvonne, Andrea, Ann, Naomi and family, Dan, Leslie, Ray, Stephen, Margaret, Bob and Patricia, James, Frances, Penny, Adele, Donna, Betty, Danica, Billy, Marion, Alan, the families of the three youths killed near Lytton, all those whose lives are forever changed because of gun violence, and others that we name aloud or in the quiet of our hearts…      …You have promised that you are with us to the ends of the age; we place our trust in you, God of grace and beauty…   “Hear our prayers.” 

The world is not alone; you, O God, are in and through the whole world.  We place our trust in your call to justice and peace.  We think of Brazil, named in our prayer cycle today, in part because of the World Cup but also because of the disparity between rich and poor in that country.  We pray for renewed efforts towards peace in Iraq and Syria; we ask your blessing on Nayanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and for all who are working to end poverty, to create peace and those who support and care for these front-line workers.  Bless us in BC that a just and fair settlement may be found for teachers, parents and the school system.  In a moment of silence we pause to remember other places in our world where there is struggle… the campesino movement in Guatemala…    …God of grace and beauty…    “Hear our prayers.” 

All these things and much more, we offer to you in prayer, O God.  Thanks be to you for the gift of life and the promise of hope in your world.  And together we say…    Amen.

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