Prayers of the People: June 16

Published on Jun 15th, 2019 by Member of Congregation | 0

Please join me in the Prayers of the People, and when you hear the words, “Help us to follow in your way”, please respond with “Hear our prayers”.

Creator God, we give thanks for our world and community, for sunshine and blossoms, green mountains and rushing streams; we thank you for neighbours and friends and family.  It is our responsibility as Christians to take this sense of goodness and wholeness, and transmit it wherever we can, as Jesus did. Help us to follow in your way…     Hear our prayers.

In our faith community, we look to you, Inspiring God, to guide the people of Nelson United Church in determining the best way to serve you in our future ministry. We think today, in our Pacific Mountain Regional Council Prayer Cycle, of the Sicamous region.  We also remember the Churches and communities of Botswana and Zimbabwe, especially the Nyandyazi Methodist Church. We pray for the gender diverse folks in all countries who experience persecution. Today we also think of our Bienestar partnership project workers in Guatemala, as they make a beneficial difference in whatever they touch.    Your houses everywhere are experiencing change and we all need to remember the guidance of Jesus in navigating through these changes. Help us to follow in your way…     Hear our prayers.

Bless the peacemakers and mission workers, far from their families. Give comfort to those who are experiencing flood and fire, violence and war. As much as we may take joy in the good life, and our abundance, we are also mindful of those who live in scarcity, solitude, pain or sorrow.  We name this morning those in our Prayer List who are closer to us who may have little joy and pray that they are given what they need.  May they experience the power of prayer from us, wrapped and hugged in the love of Jesus like the embrace of a prayer shawl…     …As caring people of the Way of Jesus, we support them. Help us to follow in your way…   Help us to follow in your way…     Hear our prayers.



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