Prayers of the People: June 22

Published on Jun 22nd, 2014 by Webminister | 0

Holy one, we gather to give thanks for all your creation which surrounds us in the beauty and magnificence of sky and mountain, river and lake. We thank you for the forest and the creatures

that live therein. Guide our thinking and action to preserve and maintain these natural gifts as a legacy to your generous love and presence . We, all of us, no matter our origin, our ethnicity, our colour or language are your creation. Open our eyes to see our sameness. Open our minds to absorb the wisdom of those bringing a different viewpoint and perspective. Open our ears that we might not only listen but hear the voices and concerns of those who strive for peaceful solutions when wants conflict with needs. To-day we welcome the new executive members of Kootenay Presbytery and seek guidance in filling vacancies in our own church board.

Away from here we offer our prayers for congregations and churches in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. We are troubled, God, by events in the Middle East and Nigeria and pray that peace and harmony will replace aggression and terror in those countries. Let us all be much more for giving and far less for taking. Guide us toward compassion and acceptance that recognizes the rights of freedom and justice for all humanity.

Here in our community of nelson united church we pray for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and peacemakers and peacekeepers serving throughout the world and for Doctors Without Borders fighting the outbreak and epidemic of the Ebola Virus in Africa. Now we ask the presence of your spirit in the lives of all those named in our Prayer List.

And now we ask your blessings on this congregation of Nelson United Church, its minister, David Boyd and staff and all here who serve the wider community of the city of Nelson.

And the people say… “Amen”

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