Prayers of the People: June 3

Published on Jun 4th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

Will you all join me in the Prayers of the People, and when you hear “God of simplicity,” please respond with “hear our prayers”.

In the spirit of Pentecost, we come to you as children with great expectations.  Take us back to the child-like awe of life’s wonders; dispel cynicism, and help us look for celestial magic in all things, transforming each moment into a holy experience.  God of Simplicity…   Hear our prayers.

Thinking beyond our church doors, we join with others in our presbytery as we pray for Grasmere Pastoral Charge.  We pray for our sisters and brothers at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church, and in our Ecumenical prayer cycle, we think of the countries of Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland.  We pray for those who work for justice and peace throughout the world, and their families. Show us all how to melt the barriers that prevent peace. God of Simplicity…   Hear our prayers.

God of healing and comfort… When the journey takes us through shadows, we find the significance of lives in crisis and remember golden moments. With the direct and simple power of prayer, we focus on those named in our Prayer List who we love to make times of painful challenge valuable and meaningful…    and others who we name silently or aloud…    …God of Simplicity…   Hear our prayers.

God who whispers to our hearts, help us resolve to make a lifelong search for meaningful activity, savouring every moment to sift for its goodness and value, remembering that Jesus would turn everyday activity into lessons and meaningless traditions upside down.  Let us hear your guidance over the noise of the world.  In the spirit of Pentecost, transform what we gather here into human service, and take the quality of God that we reflect upon here to transform the world.

And the people say… “Amen!”


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