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Prayers of the People: March 1

During the prayers, when I say:  “Weaver of love” please respond with “hold us in peace.”  Let us pray together… God in and of our lives, we gather in this community of lovers and peace-seekers, knowing your love moves and weaves among us, and within us.


And it does so justly and equally – all are loved without exception, all are privileged to receive and be inspired by your gift and your grace. 

In the wilderness, Jesus was tempted with power, with food, and with dominion over “all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour.” Instead, he chose to walk with God and with the common people, teaching lessons of compassion and generosity. He walked humbly and courageously. Creator God, we strive to walk as Jesus did.

We do not want to hide behind constructed lines of difference, of the other, the enemy. We do not want to live in fear, seeing the world and our neighbours as a danger to us… as them... as a threat. We do not want to minimize the power of God’s love, the power of the love we can bring to the world. Weaver of love…   “hold us in peace.”

Power is often considered a negative thing. But we are learning the difference between power with, power shared, and power over — which we see in countries ruled by tyrants and dictators, and at times even in so-called democratic countries. We are learning how the society, the civilization, we have created encourages us to seek power over in order to fend off fear, self-doubt, isolation, and a lack of meaning in our lives. But power over does nothing to meet our fundamental human need to belong. That is met through community and companionship, through sharing and using our power to bring good to the world.

Today, in the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for Ireland and the United Kingdom of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. May God’s powerful love be with them as they adjust to their new reality and their new relationships with Europe and the world, and with each other.  We remember and pray for peacemakers and peacekeepers and all those who serve throughout the world with many organizations. And we pray for their loved ones who await their safe return. We pray for LGBTQ+ people who are persecuted in many countries. We pray for our brothers and sisters, at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. And we pray for our Bienestar partners involved in the Nelson United Church outreach project in Guatemala. May God’s powerful love guide them all and keep them safe. We pray for the future of our environment, as we seek ways to protect and respect this gift of creation. Weaver of love…   “hold us in peace.”

In the Pacific Mountain Regional Council Prayer Cycle, we pray for Squamish UC; St. Aidan’s (ay as in hay) UC in Victoria; St. Andrew’s Larger Parish in Nanaimo; and St. Andrew’s UC in Burton. We also pray for members of L’Arche communities who are facing the recent revelations of sexual misconduct by founder Jean Vanier. And we pray for healing for the brave women who came forward, and those who remain silent. And we pray for those on our Prayer List, and for the people who care for them…  And we pray for those in our hearts, their names spoken aloud or silently…    Weaver of love…   “hold us in peace.”

As we continue on our journey together, we ask ourselves “who do we choose to be” in this time. Jesus has given the answer. We chose to be the loving, generous people of God, seeking justice and in love with the earth. Weaver of love…   “hold us in peace.”

And together we say….   “AMEN!”


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