Prayers of the People: March 24

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When you hear the words, “God of all creation”, you may answer with “Hear our prayers.”

Dear God, perfect mother-father, because we know that all life is finite, we embrace our lives every day:
We remember that vibrant hue in a sunrise or sunset;
The greening of tree buds; later, the spring green of the canopy
…hearing the return of a familiar bird call, friendly laughter from a person or a crowd, getting an infrequent call from a good friend who’s far away;
… noticing people and things around us we’ve overlooked before;
We take the 5, 10, or 20 minutes for quiet stillness and neither “do” nor think, just listen.  God of all creation…   “Hear our prayers.”

We remember the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, named in this week’s World Council of Churches prayer cycle; we think of both the Bienestar partners involved in our Church’s and Selkirk College’s outreach project in Guatemala, and our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, praying for safety, better health, strength and courage, a people united in love.

Protect and energize peacemakers and peacekeepers, health care workers, teachers, engineers and all those around the world serving and helping those in need through many organizations. In gratefulness for them, bless and keep Lois, Danaraj, Robin, Robyn, David and their families. God of all creation…   “Hear our prayers.”

In our community, merciful God, give help and healing in mind, body and spirit to all those named in our Prayer List. And we now say, silently or aloud, the names of those in need of prayer…     …God of all creation…   “Hear our prayers.”

Some springtime verse:

This is your garden, Creator God,
A thing of beauty beyond understanding.
A poem that is being written, not in words….but in colours,
Wind’s whisper….soaring bird… snowdrop’s petal…
Gentle rain… sunlight’s warmth.
This is your garden, Creator God,
A thing of beauty beyond our understanding.  



©John Birch, 2016,


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