Prayers of the People: March 3

Published on Mar 3rd, 2019 by Member of Congregation | 0

Please join me today in the prayers of the people.  When you hear “God of transforming love” please answer, “Hear our prayers.

Creator God: We are a people of the mountains and take joy in their cloud-wreaths and colours against the sky. We see them as guardians, we see them as inspiration; they are our source of water, home to wild creatures, cleaners of the air we breathe and challenges to ascend and protect.  They are part of who we are, and part of the way we see your presence.  Let us ever be aware of you through the peaks that surround us. Make us always look up and outward. God of transforming love…     “Hear our prayers.”

God who watches over us: Transformation can make us uncomfortable, the same way as we sometimes don’t know how to react to those who have been through great sorrow and terrible events – there is something changed in their eyes for the rest of their lives.  They are marked, transfigured away from selfishness by what they have seen and experienced.  And so we remember others in our world family and ask you to provide strength and courage in the face of daily adversities we cannot imagine ….. our long-remembered sister Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, the people of the Bienestar outreach project in Guatemala, and the beleaguered LGBTQ people of Tanzania.   So too, we think of the peacemakers and peacekeepers and the many organizations, who serve throughout the world, working to bring about inspiration, protection, solace and healing.  We send them prayers of courage and empathy. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we remember the north countries of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland in their political turmoil and unusual stormy assaults. God of transforming love…     “Hear our prayers.”

Comforting God: We pray for your transfiguring light and love to shine on our own sorrowing and despairing and ill people and ask that those on our Prayer List are given what they need, and others we remember silently or aloud, God of transforming love…     “Hear our prayers.”

In the upcoming Lenten season let us remember the quiet opportunity for inner change and metamorphosis by thinking of the love teachings of Christ.   We may not climb the mountain and bring down the fiery message of love as Jesus did, but we can be changed by it and carry that song of light and love wherever we go.  On this Transfiguration Sunday let us spread the light and love of Jesus in our words and actions as we leave the doors of our church. God of transforming love…     “Hear our prayers.”


And the people say…  “Amen!”


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