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Prayers of the People: May 24

This prayer contains Donna Ashworth’s poem, History Will Remember. Donna’s words begin with History will remember… Let us pray.

History will remember when the world stopped And the flights stayed on the ground
And the cars parked in the street,
and the trains didn’t run.

As we slowly come out of isolation in some sectors of our societies, we pray that your guidance will be with us, O Holy One. Will we be kinder and gentler than before? Will we look to the welfare of each other more fully and the welfare of our planet home? May your Spirit guide us and may the Ascended Christ, who dwells with us, Emmanuel, lead us into a new future based on compassion and love and the value of life.

History will remember when the schools closed, And the children stayed indoors,
And the medical staff walked towards the fire And they didn’t run.

We continue to pray for all the front-line workers who have put their lives on the line to serve our medical needs, to provide food and to keep the necessities of our societies operating. As part of a tradition that honours sacrificial love, we give thanks for those who have made sacrifices and ask your blessing upon them, their families and the communities in which they serve.

History will remember when people sang On their balconies, in isolation,
But so much together in courage and song.

When we are at our wits’ end and don’t know where to turn, we turn to song and music to be inspired and uplifted. May your song of love and hope, Dear God, journey its way into the hearts and beings of those for whom we pray: our Bienestar partners involved in Guatemala, our kin at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Peacemakers and peacekeepers, health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations. We pray for all affected by COVID-19, whether in body, mind or spirit, LGBTQ2SIA+ people who are persecuted in many countries, the future of our planet earth and all those protecting and respecting this gift of creation. We think of all those named in our Prayer List and others we name aloud or silently…

History will remember when the people fought For their old and their weak
Protected the vulnerable
By doing nothing at all.

May the vulnerable in all countries be protected and honoured. In our World Council of Churchs’ prayer cycle, we pray especially for the countries of Angola and Mozambique. We are grateful for some positive developments after years of civil war, the village committees that protect food and livelihood in those countries. We are mindful of the importance of all our communities and that a community is only as healthy as the most vulnerable. Closer to home in our Pacific-Mountain Regional Council, we pray for the Mount Paul Pastoral Charge in Kamloops; and we are mindful of the healing that needs to occur there and in the Armed Forces, the Snowbirds, as well as Nova Scotia more generally.

History will remember when the virus left, And the houses opened
And the people came out and hugged And kissed and started again.

Kinder than before.
May it be so, Dear God, may it be so. And we say together… Amen.

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