Prayers of the People: May 5

Published on May 6th, 2019 by Member of Congregation | 0

As Jesus’ disciples in this age, we offer our prayers on behalf of the universe in which we are privileged to live and our neighbours with whom we share it.

We name aloud those on our prayer list. We transcend time and space to bring them here to be with us, and those name silently or aloud…    …Divine Mystery, Faithful and Steadfast Love, 

With others around the world, we pray for Angola and Mozambique named this week in the World Council prayer cycle. We give thanks for the rich natural resources in these two lands and the recent improvements in their lives.  We pray that leaders and people everywhere will work quickly and diligently to protect and make wise use of all that is good and necessary and delightful in your amazing creation.    

Mindful of the freedoms we cherish and enjoy as Canadians we feel compelled to pray for those who make long and treacherous journeys only to arrive at unwelcoming borders, months of waiting and overwhelming red tape.   May those who are afraid of immigrants and faith traditions not their own be enabled to see diversity as strength and differences as opportunities to expand their world and to know you O God.

Hear our prayers on behalf of journalists who at times risk their lives to tell stories that we and others may be informed. With hearts open to your Presence around us and between us and within us – hear O God, our alleluias. With hearts open to your Presence in Nelson and beyond and even in places, we cannot visualize, O God hear our alleluias – our adoration and celebration of Your Amazing and Boundless Goodness.

We pray – we worship – in Jesus Name.

And the people say… Amen.      

Attentive to Your Presence, remembering your faithfulness, at home in your love we thank You God for those who draw us into new revelations. Thank you for astrophysicists, for the writer of the book of Revelation, and for John the gospel writer. Hear our gratitude for those who minister to us: David and Youth Minister Robin, Music Director Robyn, our custodian Danaraj, and Lois our office administrator.

This morning we offer up our gratitude for some of the many folks who add to our well-being here in Nelson: postal workers, law enforcement people, pharmacists, dentists, and acupuncturists, for those who bag our groceries, clean our streets, and tend our parks. Hear our gratitude for the ‘ordinary’ – a cup of coffee, hot running water, comfy shoes, a good book – and ever so much more. In the words of the psalmist: “Yahweh you are my God [our God], and I will thank you [we will thank you] forever!”

As disciples of Jesus sing now the prayer Jesus taught …  Prayer of Thanksgiving concludes with singing the Jesus prayer.




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