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Let us be together in prayer.  Settling easy into your chair or pew, breathing deeply and slowly – letting-go as in becoming emptied – as in a kind of internal moving-over to give God more room. In that inner space, hear again these words from the gospel:  “Come, share my joy.”

We hear your invitation to share Your joy (Your joy!) and we are brought to our knees in awe and wonder, thanksgiving and praise.

Even so – for some of us this morning there is no rush of joy rising up. Some of us are just okay and that’s okay. However, some of us are so not okay. So it is we wait upon You daring to trust: that within our hurts, our fears and doubts – You are. In our longing for what can never be again – You are. In our helplessness to even form words – You are. Holy Presence, Divine Listener, Loving Power, help us each one, as we have a need, to rest in your faithfulness and rely on your promises. You have entrusted each one of us with a variety of gifts and abundant resources for us to invest in your on-going, still coming kindom, both near and far. May we not let you down! And when we do help us to get up and to get on again with your program!

Mindful of all those experiencing COVID-19 (including COVID-19 fatigue) mindful of the many grieving painful losses, mindful of the people frightened by diversity and movements for change and inclusion: reveal your presence. Mindful of world-wide refugees living with so little, mindful of world leaders struggling with complex challenges, mindful of faith communities seeking new ways to be faithful: reveal your wisdom.

With others around the world, we pray from the World Council of Churches’ prayer cycle, naming the people of East Timor (Timor Leste), Indonesia, and the Philippines. Closer to home, from the Regional Council Prayer Cycle, we pray for the Penticton faith community, Oasis. From this congregation’s prayer list we pray for the following asking that they may know you as a Source of Abundant Goodness. Aloud or silently we name others – out of concern and/or gratitude…    … Knowing ourselves to be in your image and entrusted with your Generous Holy Goodness, we pray in Jesus’ Name and in Jesus’ Name we come to Your Table.



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