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Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “Remembering with gratitude, Jesus’ Earthly Presence” please respond with “Hear our prayers.

We are at a crossroads that may lead us into a new way of being church.
God has invited us to gather courage from the great cloud of witnesses before us,
            as we remember what was…
Christ has challenged us to accept his radical call to discipleship,
            as we acknowledge what is…
The Spirit has led us to be Christ’s Church,
            as we imagine what will be…

We take courage in the assurance that God is with us;
we affirm our call to go where Christ leads; and we trust the Spirit to guide us through the challenging space between what was, what is, and what will be. Remembering with gratitude, Jesus’ Earthly Presence…    “Hear our prayers.

God of compassion, hear our prayer for all nations and all people of the Earth. Hear our prayers of support for health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world in various organizations. Hear our cry for justice and peace as we remember our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Hear our words of support for our Bienestar partners involved in our outreach project in Guatemala; for all those affected by COVID-19, whether in body, mind or spirit; and for our friends and neighbours, LGBTQ2SIA+ people who are persecuted in many countries. Hear us as we ask your protection for peacekeepers and peacemakers, and their families. Hear us as we seek stronger economic and practical ways to sustain, protect and respect our environment and its resources. In our Regional Council prayer cycle this week, we pray for Centennial United Church in Victoria. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we present our prayers for the people of Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.  Let there be growing spaces of understanding, tolerance and harmony among the different ethnic and religious communities in those countries. Remembering with gratitude, Jesus’ Earthly Presence…    “Hear our prayers.

We pray for those who feel discouraged or alone, those who are desolate or depressed; those who struggle with pain, the challenge of serious illness, or the loss of a loved one. May they be filled with faith and with strength.   In our prayers today we name all those on our Prayer List.  We pause at this time to name, either silently or aloud, all those for whom we feel concern…      …Remembering with gratitude, Jesus’ Earthly Presence…    “Hear our prayers.

We end the prayers with a piece contributed by Father Leo Piguet, a retired priest from Indiana:

Let us rejoice and be glad
For Christ has come
To show us the path home.
Come, Lord Jesus!
Bring your light into
The darkest recesses of the world
Through us, your Body on earth today.
Shed the light of your justice where systems
Oppress the imprisoned,
Impoverish the destitute,
Violate the young and helpless.
Radiate the light of your love where people
Feel abandoned,
Live in violence,
Encounter hatred.
Show us our true home as we address these needs
In this time and place.

And the people say…  “AMEN!”

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