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Prayers of the People: September 15

Please join me in the prayers of the people today. Whenever our congregational response comes,  please remember who needs mercy and blessing with that beautiful Greek prayer: Kyrie Eleison.

Creator God,We thank you for our beautiful world, albeit abused; it’s somewhat hard where we live, to see the planet’s dramatic landscape and life losses and changes, as we live in a Neverland paradise. As the season turns next week, the harvest moon rises and the mountains get glorious, we can be beguiled by the splendour, but must be aware of its vulnerability to human actions.   We must be good shepherds and stewards.

We pray that you will forgive and bless all your people:    Kyrie Eleison

Our churches and their missions must be our consciences for this planet and humanity, and so we ask for wisdom this week in thePacific Mountain Regional Council Prayer Cycle for The United Churches of Fort St. James, Gibsons and Gilmore Rock in Richmond, as well as Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and our Bienestar outreach mission in Guatemala; we also pray for planetary leadership and awareness in the churches of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay through our World Council of churches. We think of thesexually diverse persecuted folks in many countries and hope that they find courage beamed at them through our support prayers.  Blessed are the peacemakers and peacekeepers and the front-liners on many missions through the world, as they try to make it a better world.  May they be held safe, as they try to make the world safe.

 We pray that you will forgive and bless all your people:    Kyrie Eleison

God who hovers over our people in sorrow, illness, fear, despair and recovery, shine on them in dark hours and let them feel your presence: in naming them, we bring them right here into this room to know they are part of our caring church community:,  Deby Wood, Penny Allard, Selemawit and her family, Carol White, Jim Button, Ross Smith, Richie Hearn, Betty Pengelly, Katherine Czesak, Candise Wilkins, Shelby Gielen, Esther and Jannie Jansen, RJ Warren and his family, Duff Franklin, Glenda Hyatt, Evelyn Cartlidge, Jennifer Beauregard, Grace Baines, Jon Marshall and his family, KC Clough,  Marg Ironstand , Jessie Hamilton,  Michael Graham, Henny Cherenko, Maureen Feeshback, Janet Turner, the Family and friends of Peggy Duey, the Family and friends of Scott MacIvor….And we name others in need of prayer silently or aloud, bringing them here to be with us …….

O God, we pray that you will bless all your people:   Kyrie Eleison

As we celebrate abundance, not dwelling on scarcity, we will try to follow the way of Jesus in love and action, to be the best that we can be for our families, neighbours, country and world.

Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison           

And the people say: “Amen!”


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