Prayers of the People: September 2

Published on Sep 2nd, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

Please join me in the prayers of the people. Whenever you hear God called upon, please answer with “Hear our prayers.”

God of holy cycles, it’s Lunasa season, celebrating the harvest cycle from the old countries. It’s also Labour Day, celebrating the achievements of the workers of Canada. It’s a time of endings and beginnings as September begins.   We mark our starts and finishes.  In the shortening of days, the cooling night breeze, in the fruit that falls, the gardens that we reap, and even the late summer fires, we see the creator’s hand.  God of Rhythms and Cycles…”Hear our prayers.”

In our Kootenay Prayer roster, we join our Presbytery brethren in praying for the Reverend Sunny Kim and the congregation of Kimberley United Church. As the world turns, we, with the World Council of Churches, pray for the countries of Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and Togo, wishing for peace and good government in those nations.   We think of our long concern for the Zimbabwe Methodist church and its congregation and wish our prayers to help carry them.  We think this morning of Israel and Palestinian refugees and fervently hope you, O God, can fill hearts with peace to mitigate the destabilization of the region.  We think today of agencies and professionals and peacekeepers serving throughout the world; keep them in safety to return to their families. At home in British Columbia, we are thankful for the work of firefighters to protect us and pray for their safety.  We salute the LGBTQ community on this special week. We pray for our children who begin their September schooling.  We pray for the young people that launch into universities and colleges next week and wish them well.  God of Peace and Understanding…”Hear our prayers.”

We speak the names of all those named in our Prayer List close to us who are anxious or ill, grieving or lonely, and wish them to feel your comfort in their need and others we pray for silently or aloud…    …God of Solace …”Hear our prayers.”

At this time of year we particularly feel the turning of the planet; we are connected to the great cycles despite our high civilization.  Perhaps it’s something to do with living where the year cycle can be so extreme. We thank you, God, for the extremes which keep us watchful, adaptable and resourceful, and always mindful of your power.  When we forget about you, Creator God, you remind us about the earth cycles in forest fires and hurricanes, and in quieter things like a flight of geese in formation, a harvest moon, or the turning of the trees.  God of rhythms and cycles …”Hear our prayers.”

And the people say…  “Amen!”


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