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Prayers of the People: September 22

When you hear the words, “God of rain and rainbows,” please respond with “Hear our prayers.”

You are invited to join together in our Prayers of the People. Creator God, you give us this life to live. Open our hearts to receive your message of hope. 

In the Pacific Mountain Region Prayer Cycle, we pray for  Golden Ears United Church in Maple Ridge, Gordon UC in Victoria, Grace UC in Coombs, and Grace UC in Lax Kw’alaams, (Port Simpson) BC. In the Worl Council of Churches, we pray for the people of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Peru. God of rain and rainbows… “Hear our prayers.

Merciful God, extend the light of your comfort to those challenged by illness, fear, or grief. We pray for all those named in our Prayer List…   And others we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts…   …God of rain and rainbows… “Hear our prayers.

We pray for those attending the UNITED NATIONS UN Climate Change Summit 2019 and the children around the world marching for their earth and their future. Each new day is a path of wonder. We step ahead into the unknown trusting that the Good Shepard will be there to guide our way.

And the people say: “AMEN!”


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