Robin’s Love-in-Action Family Challenge

Published on Mar 29th, 2020 by Robin Murray | 0

1.    Write a postcard or letter to someone and mail it through Canada Post.
2.    Get a garbage bag and gloves and walk around your neighbourhood doing a litter pick up.

3.    Join the 7 pm “Gratitude Call” – set an alarm for 7 pm, then go outside and make some noise like clapping and cheering to show your thanks to all those doctors, nurses and hospital workers who are working to keep us all healthy and safe.
4.    Start a donation box and find 20 things in your house that you can give away to a thrift store or church garage sale. It may be a while before your donation can be accepted, but you will be ready when the time comes!
5.    Find a spot in your house or yard that you are going to clean up. Take a “before” picture and an “after” picture. I would love to see it, so you can share it on the Nelson United Church Facebook group page or email it to me.
6.    Do a prayer walk around your neighbourhood – pray for the people in each house as you pass by. Pray for the workers who keep our streets clear and keep our power lines working. Pray for any birds or animals you see on your way.

Families can really help each other right now with finding a sense of purpose by focusing on showing love through action – love for each other and love for our community. Let me know how you did with your love in action this week – if you don’t have my contact info, you can always email me from the contact page of this website!



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