Youth Change Exchange

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The Youth Change Exchange (YCE) is a cross-cultural youth-led empowerment project to end and prevent violence. We define violence as harm toward ourselves, another, a group/community, or the environment. Through arts, education, and solidarity for change, youth are supporting and inspiring one another to thrive and strengthen their local, provincial and global communities. Young people (12-24) in British Columbia and Bahia, Brazil are connecting and working together through this project to break down personal and social barriers to build peace and a world we are proud of. Join us! 


Our monthly youth project meetings
are held on the first Friday of every month

(usually in the Trinity Lounge but sometimes upstairs in the Fairview Room
— enter at back off the small parking lot and follow arrows once inside)

All are welcome
especially ages 12-21
to come learn more about what the project is up to
and see about getting involved if you are interested!

The project encourages collaborative youth leadership
so it’s a great opportunity to be heard and gain organizational and leadership skills.

Join us at 4:00pm for about one hour on the first Friday of the month.

 Thabi Pratt
Project Coordinator
Youth Change Exchange



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